We donít just design websites!
OIS is a wholly owned Jersey company specialising in designing e-commerce sites.

Our aim is to keep sites simple, and easier to use for both users and administrators alike!
OIS can provide a wide range of services and solutions, and can create administration systems, design and build databases, and have the vital knowledge to ensure your site is, and stays, compliant with local policies and international legislation; will be built to recognised standards, and able to meet the exacting demands of payment gateways. Our sites are designed not only to look good, but are optimised for fast-loading and easy navigation, with simplified online buying procedures and customised shopping carts designed to make your clients buying experience easier. OIS Content Management Systems put YOU in charge and giving you exceptional freedom to develop your site as you wish.

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Channel Islands e-commerce.
A few things you should know
The Channel Islands do not levy VAT on goods sold within the islands. This does not mean that when buying goods fulfilled from the Islands, the purchaser avoids this tax. However, current concessions allow for VAT free purchases to enter the UK from the Channel Islands provided the value is under a specified limit. Postal and HM Customs and Excise agreements between the Islands and UK provide that all products despatched from the Islands into the UK carry a VAT declaration, and where applicable, this tax will be collected on behalf of the UK Government at the point of despatch.
Current policies discourage fulfilment for non Jersey companies through third parties. However it is activly promoting e-commerce business through properly constitued Jersey companies setup in compliance with the Jersey Financial Services Commision, and States of Jersey Economic Development policies.
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