Posh for packing and posting orders collected from your website, or delivering a non-physical service by way of a download. Either way, having taken a clients money, its down to you to deliver the goods! Fulfillment can be provided in-house by the web-owner, or contracted to a third party. In-house fullfillment is relatively simple, and apart from ensuring you have the stock to despatch, is easily managed from within a CMS system. Third party fulfilment however needs greater control, with consideration given to security and accountability. OIS can create ‘Warehouse’ procedures to ensure that your orders are being filled correctly and properly documented, keeping an online sales ledger. Fees and commissions levied on a transaction by your gateway provider and bank should be regarded as part of your fulfilment cost.
How much does it cost?
Difficult to say. Depending on method of despatch, service providers, and agents, there can be quite a wide difference. You can expect fulfilment costs to range from around £1.50+ per package based on third party fulfilment for postable goods under 150grams - and progressively more for larger and heavier items. It must also be borne in mind that where the postal system is used, and whether you choose to fulfil yourself, or contract it out, weight charges will also apply. OIS are able to assist selecting a third party fulfllment provider, and can advise on all the other associated costs including labelling solutions and stock-control.
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