OIS have a team of designers, each specialising in certain areas of web design. Some website designs require underlying techniques that contribute to the overall design and functionality of webpages, such as CSS (which amongst other things controls the colour, position and size of text and tables). Databases too have to be designed in such a way that they can be interrogated from user input prompts, and allow for further flexiblity, or edit/add to current pages, through a Content Management System (CMS).Whether your requirement is for pure graphics and branding for a simple brochure sites, or for the more complex tasks such as Flash animation and dynamic effects, CSS, databases and CMS procedures, we have the right designers for the job. And we just love a challenge!

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Upgrades to existing sites
There are several ways of designing a site, and the method should always be dictated by the content and control functionality required. In building any site, OIS make this a prime consideration. For this reason it is not always possible to take an existing site and upgrade it to something it was never designed to do. However, OIS are able to take existing sites and convert them to work on alternative platforms and to integrate other ‘languages’ into the basic html. We primarily work with CSS, SQL and php which are capable of supporting and working with a wide range of scripts that add dynamics to many desirable, and sometimes necessary functions that are commonly used. If you would like us to look at your existing site:
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