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Sounds simple, and it is! However, who with, where your domain ‘resides’, access and control to its DNS record, and what you are actually paying for can all be grey areas. Some registrars are actually re-sellers and more often than not plonk your domain on a server buried deep in a chain of servers. OIS have their own name servers that are recognised by ICANN. Please use the search link to look-up a name that you are considering, and should it be available, invite you to register it via the link(s) we provide. We recommend that whatever name you choose, purchase .com,, and .net to avoid the potential of future conflict. We also recommend that if your intention is to trade the site online, that you also register the name you have chosen with Jersey Financial Services to further avoid a business being set up in that name which may prevent you from trading your site. It is unwise to take a name for which there is already a registration in one or other of the above, or in any other extension.
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UKReg are a trusted and reliable domain registrar offering cost effective domains. UKReg have proven to be quick and efficient with DNS pointing and order fulfillment

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