OIS have a growing reputation for building successful online shops. That is, full systems that sell products online, fulfil orders from the Islands, and driven by client enabled Content Management Systems – putting you in control.. OIS do not use templates, nor do we attempt to integrate several components to deliver a solution. Our sites are all ‘bespoke’ with databases, navigation sequencies and payment solutions fully integrated at the outset. We can advise on payment gateways, local legislation and permits, data protection issues, the setting up of merchant accounts and importantly the processes which allow legitimate fulfillment in regard to VAT and Customs & Excise regulations. Not all fulfilment is physical, and again OIS have solutions for delivering services and downloadable items on consideration of online payment.
Site types we do not entertain
OIS takes its responsibilities seriously and will not entertain any site proposal which, in the opinion of OIS, is devised or designed in such a way or for the purpose of: avoiding taxes, presenting pornographic images, or whose content has the potential to bring the Channel Islands into disrepute.
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