Merchant Accounts
In order to trade legitimately online, and take payment, an online merchant account will be required. All major banks offer this service subject to meeting their terms and conditions and due diligence processes. It is important to remember that your bank, in providing this facility, charges for acquiring the funds generated online, as well as your gateway provider who also makes a charge for processing and authorising the transaction. An existing merchant account provided for the purpose counter sales, and PDQ systems are not suitable for internet trading, both from the point of view that using these would breach bank codes of practice, and the security issues it would raise. Online Merchant Accounts are specifically designed to encrypt all data passing between the site, the processor and acquirer. The means of capturing credit/debit card information by other means is neither secure or permitted.
Payment Gateways
Which system?
There are many payment gateway providers, and some provide their own shopping carts. However, template pages are not always customisable to the point where they look integral to the site as a whole, and some are overly complicated since they are designed for many usages not specifically yours! Gateways exact charges for their services and these are as varied as the providers. OIS will assist in choosing the right gateway for you, and setting the system up.

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Merchant Accounts